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Chimney Cake

Chimney Cake or "in its original Hungarian name Kurtos Kalacs..." is a ribbon like yeast-raised dough 
that is wound around a special wooden cylinder, covered with sugar, and baked in a rotisserie oven.

While in the oven, the outside becomes carefully caramelized while the interior remains very soft. Right after it is taken out of the oven, the melted caramelized crust is sprinkled with a topping usually consisting of walnuts, coconuts, cinnamon or cocoa. 
This makes a perfect taste harmony from inside to the outside.


The name comes from láng, the Hungarian word for flame. It is a speciality, a deep fried flatbread made of a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water. It is eaten fresh and warm, topped with all kind of yummy things such as garlic olive oil, eggplant cream, sour cream, tomatoes, avocado, bacon, cheese and many more!


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The chimney cake (in Hungarian the kürtös kalács) is the most famous traditional Hungarian cake with Transylvanian origin. Without exception, chimney cake enjoys great popularity in all the different countries where it is presented.

The origin of this delicious handmade pastry is still highly disputed.

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